We will begin accepting online requests for 2020 pavilion rentals on January 3, 2020.

Please Note:
Reservations must be requested at least 3 days in advance.
All deposits and rental fees must be paid within 24 hours of pavilion request approval. Payment will only be accepted with a credit card. If all payments are not received within 24 hours, the reservation will not be accepted.

Non-resident parking and beach fees are not included in pavilion reservation costs. Parking and beach tallies available upon request with rental.

  • Parking $5.00 per non-resident vehicle
  • Special discounted non-resident beach rate when renting a pavilion
What is a parking and beach tally?
​A tally is a system Three Oaks Recreation Area uses to make it easier for the host and non-resident guests to pay fees for park amenities. Simply submit your guest list to pavilion@crystallake.org prior to the date of your event. Parking: Staff will ask for the driver's name from your guest list. You will only be charged for the non-resident vehicles that pass through the gate. Beach: From your guest list, the Manager on Duty will give you the requested number of wristbands at your pavilion. Please return any unused wristbands for accurate charges. 

If you have additional questions regarding pavilion rentals, please call (815) 459-2020 ext. 4288 or email us at pavilion@crystallake.org.

View the fact sheet below for frequently asked questions.
Fact Sheet
Pavilion Rental Fact Sheet, including FAQs

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